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Developmental Waist Belt Baby Carrier with Pockets Seccaby InnovaGoods (Refurbished B)

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If you are passionate about the world of gadgets, InnovaGoods offers you the best and most original new items for the home, car, travel, children, technology, entertainment, etc.! Discover a wide range of high-quality products that stand out thanks to their functionality, efficiency and innovative design, such as the Developmental Waist Belt Baby Carrier with Pockets Seccaby InnovaGoods (Refurbished B)!

Its ergonomic design makes this developmental baby carrier hip seat with 2 pockets very comfortable and safe. It has a double closure with Velcro and a buckle, it is hard wearing and non-slip. It can be used in 3 positions, depending on the age of the child (0 – 3 years) and it supports a maximum weight of 20 kg. 

The belt on the adjustable baby carrier is made of padded breathable cotton and the removable seat is made of expanded PP. It adapts to the body (Ø100 cm) and enables you to maintain the optimum posture.

  • Ergonomic, comfortable: our developmental baby carrier hip seat has an innovative and ergonomic design to guarantee comfort for the child and for the adult carrying them, as it allows you to carry the baby for a long time without straining the arms or back. Its angle also provides appropriate support for the baby to maintain a correct and comfortable posture. 
  • Resistant, padded, non-slip: this baby carrier waist stool is very tough and hard wearing. The belt is made from breathable padded cotton, it is non-slip, and it fully adapts to the body. The expanded polypropylene seat is very light, has a non-slip support area and has sufficient space for the child.
  • Stability, security, 2 pockets: this hip seat baby carrier provides a firm grip and lots of stability for moving the baby with maximum safety. The belt has a Velcro closure and an elastic strap with a reinforcement buckle to provide the perfect level of adjustment. The 2 pockets are very useful for storing keys, mobile, tissues, etc. Max. waist: 100 cm.
  • Developmental, multi-position: our baby carrier enables you to place the child in 3 positions that correspond to each developmental stage, according to their age: 0-3 months / 3-12 months / 12-36 months. Suitable for children from 0 to 3 years of age and from 3.5 to 20 kg.
  • Easy to clean: this baby carrier has a zip for removing the seat structure and to facilitate cleaning of the belt, which can be washed by hand or machine washed. 

  • Material:
    • Cotton
    • polypropylene
  • Colour:
    • Grey
    • Green
  • Type: Baby carrier
  • Modern and ergonomic design: Innovative and functional
  • Padded: Convenient and comfortable
  • Includes: 2 Pockets
  • Adjustable: Firm hold
  • Characteristics: Velcro fastening
  • Waist Ø: 100 cm max.
  • Elastic fastening band: With buckle
  • Non-slip: Non-slip
  • Properties: Breathable
  • Robust and durable: Quality materials
  • Maximum stability: Comfortable, simple and safe use
  • Removable and washable cover with zip: Easy to clean
  • Machine washable: Yes
  • Recommended age: 0-3 Years
  • Max. supported weight: 20 kg
  • 3 Positions:
    • 0-3 Months
    • 3-12 Months
    • 12-36 Months
  • Approx. dimensions: 122 x 20 x 16 cm
REFURBISHED: These are products that have been returned within their return period or display products that have occasionally been used for demonstrations; some are sold with some damage to the packaging or with the original packaging having been opened. All products have been checked, they include the official brand guarantee and are in perfect working order. Depending on their condition, they are classed as:
  • A+/ Perfect: products in perfect condition whose original packaging may have been opened or substituted by other packaging that is in very good condition.
  • A/ As New: products that are in perfect, as new, condition, their original packaging may have been opened, have some damage or may have been substituted by other packaging.
  • B/ Very Good: products that are in very good condition, with possible slight aesthetic imperfections, they function perfectly and their original packaging may have been opened or have some damage.
  • C/ Good Condition: products are in good condition, with possible aesthetic imperfections but working perfectly, their original packaging may have been opened or have some damage.
  • D/ Correct: Products in correct condition, with possible aesthetic imperfections or lacking an accessory, in perfect working condition and their original packaging may have been opened or have some damage.


Vendor: InnovaGoods
Barcode: 8435527825843
Weight: 0.46 kg


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Regular price €13,50 EUR
Regular price €16,88 EUR Sale price €13,50 EUR